QUILTS are a true passion of mine and have been for many years now...I am amazed by all the work that went into making it along with the patience...Old vintage QUILTS are what I collect and the old vintage cutter QUILTS are what I make my crafts from...I hope you enjoy reading all about the Fascinating World of QUILTS!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005


You should choose the filling for your Quilt with the greatest care if you want it to endure for years. It is false economy to use inferior cotton, or wool which has not been properly treated. Your time and painstaking stitching deserve the best material. You may obtain cotton batting that is especially prepared for Quilt filling. It comes in a large sheet the size of a Quilt, carefully folded and rolled into a large package. Perhaps you will need two packages, depending on the size of the Quilt. Wool is preferred by some Quilt makers, but all grease should be removed from the raw material and it should be carded to make it fluffy enough to spread evenly in the Quilt. Cotton flannel is sometimes used, but the quilting design will not stand out in relief because of its thinness. It is recommended chiefly for silk Quilts.


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